Important Customer Notice

To Make an Order please email your full details according to "how to make an order" sample below, and send it to Please email us in advance for decorated orders as it takes awhile to get to each email from various customers, and answer questions,discuss designs etc. plus i need advance notice to work out your order into my schedule and work around other orders as well. bear in mind i work alone so orders per day are limited.

we will try to respond to your email asap but do expect atleast 3-4days at times depending on how much emails we get at times. your emails will be responded back by my assistant momo. but i try to find time after im done doing orders to check on emails too.
As im usualy working doing decorations, baking etc, i sometimes miss calls, and i get so many txts coming in its hard to keep track of them which is why i recommend emailing me as its easier to organize and search and i have a record of your email orders.

or better yet if you find both emailing or Through phone hard, you can drop by my house to place an order (quite a number of customers have done this and its my most preferred method easier to discuss n confirm everything in one time) just set up an appointment with me.

as for basic cupcakes/cakes or other desserts i sell that requires no fancy decorating. (wordings are excluded as fancy) atleast a minimum of few hours or a day in advance notice is required, in this case msging or calling will be entertained.

Thanks for your support and understanding. i really whole heartedly appreciate it.





Kind Regards
Siti Shahrir

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Handbag and Shoes Birthday Cupcakes~

The most cutest Birkin Bag i've seen~ hehe

More Cupcakes...~

Mini cupcakes~

On the same sunday..Had my late grandparents Makan2 function at night. so decided to make some mini cupcakes and pavlovas to be served. so i did an assorted of mini cupcakes.. red velvet, maltesers, cookies & cream and peanut butter. So while i'm on the topic of mini cupcakes, yes i do offer mini sized ones, did these for my openhouse and it was a big hit i had alot of orders for them recently for openhouses as its bitesize n convenient for serving to alot of guests. but im only selling them if u order alot. can't sell em per dozen or two ill have alot leftover..but i myte sell a box of assorted cupcakes sometime soon..will post abt that when its available and just call me if u wana buy it, n it is then to be picked up at my place. but right now ive got my hands full with orders and so many extra decorations to make i dun hv time to bake extra cupcakes. but insyallah will do those box of mini cupcakes soon. it'll probably be aroun $16-$18 per box/24pcs of assorted, itll contain flavours such as red velvet, maltesers, peanutbutter chocolate, peanut butter & chocochip. so yea~ :)

Man United themed cake n cupcake stand~

Did a Manchester United Themed Hantaran cake/cupcake order..last sunday..but in all d busy-ness..i forgot to take pictures of the cake (chocolate cake with a large jersey wif the couple's initials) ..just got to take a picture of the stand and cupcakes without the cake. :S which reminds me..i shuld txt the lady who ordered it and ask for a photo of sure they'd taken photos of it right.or im hoping she gets to read this.. hehe. anyways i hope she liked it.. and if you are reading this..thanks for ordering! ~

Apple Mac Themed cupcakes~

More cupcakes..~

More Football-themed Cupcakes~

girly theme cupcakes~

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Guitar cookie cupcakes~

Got an order few weeks back..she wanted cupcakes with guitars but no i suggested to replace the cream with guitar shaped cookies. didn't think this through as i didn't have any guitar shaped cookie cutters..:S but i manage to make it happen..hehe..had to cut n shape em manually..wich was hard as dough was quite soft. went well actually..also had some larger ones so could write a msg on it. hehe.

More Barney Cupcakes~

Barcelona themed cupcakes~

It was hard to get the right colours..with the stripes i had to paint on the colours..and i did the mistake of using sugarpaste i coloured blue oppose to white so the blue n red strike out more. oh well..hehe.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

fully booked~

Hi everyone..just a quick one to let you know i'm fully booked this week and next week. So not taking orders for then. but still got dates available the week after that. so yea. Thanks!~ :D

Monday, 13 October 2008

A quickie~

Another quick post before i go back to making decorations...Just to remind everyone how thankful i am for your support and orders..I'm very flattered how much everyone love my work. :D on the other hand i also want to remind that to order please email or call/txt me (the number is working now! :D) ..and not leave orders on the tagboard as tagboard is usually swamped that i dun get to usually read through it thoroughly. And as a warning i am slow with replying due to my busy schedule baking and decorating most of the yea..but i try my best to reply everyone.

And some may be unfortunate to order when im oredy booked or not i do have a limit on orders. As i dun have the equipment or workers to accommodate all orders (though hopefully one day i hope to..hehe) so yea~ and also i need atliz two days notice in advance for orders on cupcakes..and for ones that require extra decorations such as fondant work i need atliz 3-4 days in advance..all the mini cupcake toppers are handmade by me (not ready to use) and are all my cupcakes and fondant work such as figures/jerseys/edible makeup etc are made to order. and they are very time consuming to make. I don't make those in advance except for basics such as mini flowers and all dat. so i won't be able to take last minute orders on specially decorated cupcakes.

For 3D novelty cakes the earlier u order the better to make sure u get in a date booking and make sure i dun have orders around the date u want as i do need to focus all my time on cake itself as this takes a lot of time to make (especially those with very intricate details) ...and lastly ill be having a break sort out my emails, pricing quotes for wedding/event orders and all email is seriously swamped with orders and inquiries..and i feel bad for those i haven't been able to reply fast. but probably not anytime soon as Ive got orders all the way till December already..still got a some dates available. but once i'm full will let everyone know. :D

So once again sorry for any inconvenience..and thanks again~ will update photos next time..i gota get back to work. :D'

p.s anyone wanna apply to be my PA sort out emails/orders? =S hehe. =P

Friday, 10 October 2008

Cupcakes & Cake

Make-up themed Birthday cupcakes, Girly Flower themed Birthday cupcakes, Pink and Gold suitcase Bag with edible Pink Ipod. Wow so much cakes in a day, very hectic..very very time consuming. Took quite along time to get the ig cake done, wat more the decorations on the cupcakes especially the make up. but it'd looked so cute hehe..edible MAC makeup~ had fun doing this but very tiring..and took longer than expected. hehe