Important Customer Notice

To Make an Order please email your full details according to "how to make an order" sample below, and send it to Please email us in advance for decorated orders as it takes awhile to get to each email from various customers, and answer questions,discuss designs etc. plus i need advance notice to work out your order into my schedule and work around other orders as well. bear in mind i work alone so orders per day are limited.

we will try to respond to your email asap but do expect atleast 3-4days at times depending on how much emails we get at times. your emails will be responded back by my assistant momo. but i try to find time after im done doing orders to check on emails too.
As im usualy working doing decorations, baking etc, i sometimes miss calls, and i get so many txts coming in its hard to keep track of them which is why i recommend emailing me as its easier to organize and search and i have a record of your email orders.

or better yet if you find both emailing or Through phone hard, you can drop by my house to place an order (quite a number of customers have done this and its my most preferred method easier to discuss n confirm everything in one time) just set up an appointment with me.

as for basic cupcakes/cakes or other desserts i sell that requires no fancy decorating. (wordings are excluded as fancy) atleast a minimum of few hours or a day in advance notice is required, in this case msging or calling will be entertained.

Thanks for your support and understanding. i really whole heartedly appreciate it.





Kind Regards
Siti Shahrir

Monday, 15 June 2009

extra decorated cupcakes available~

okie for those who needs last minute cupcakes as gifts for whatever/whoever i have a limited amount of extra vanilla cupcakes available monday 15/06/09. some of them are decorated (pink & purple flower theme)..but im only selling em at $20 a dozen. or if u want just basic deco..just the basic only $12 for a dozen. if you want it..txt me at 7107910. and let me know if u want additional wording which would be complimentary.. :D and also any of you readers who are craving for a cupcake fix..remember im open evryday fro basic cupcakes orders. i only limit my decorated orders per day. so just let me know if you are in need of a cupcake fix i can certainly cater to ur craving needs. hehehe.

and sory for those who are still waiting for an email reply. my assistant has got the flu recently and also busy with school..poor her~ explains the slowness in responding. and i try my best to fit in smtime to do emails in the midst of my busy-ness baking & thanks for being patient. im currently doing emails now hopefully i get to reply all b4 i head for bed. so yea. thanks evryone! :D

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Ranoadidas 6th year Anniversary Event~

Oh my..ive been so caught up with work and other stuff i forgot to post about this. So im sure alot knows by now about Rano's 6th yr Anniversary event being held at iCentre tomorrow. And i will be participating in it as well..have a table set selling my cupcakes and other stuff. i have a pre-packaged mixed assorted one (mini) for those who wants to try the different flavours.and also i'll be selling normal sized one individually or in a pick & mix style priced per 1/2 a dozen or 1 dozen...which would be at a discounted price..;D make sure you come and check my table out. ;) hehe ..So anywys drop by after work or if u've got nuthing to do or simply cause ur craving for a cupcake..why not ryte?.. join in the crowd tomorrow 3-6.30? hahah..see you there!!! cits.

Superhero themed Cake & Cupcakes~

Red PSP cake

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Bags & Perfume Cupcakes~

Frog Cupcakes~

Travel-themed Cupcakes

made this for a a customer who requested a travel theme as the lady recipient of the cupcakes ia a "travel-holic" if der is even such a word. hahah. so yea she loves to thot of airplanes, suitcase, luggage tags, the earth, passports, travelguides as toppers. how cute~ thanks for order! glad the bday girl loved it. :D

Harley Davidson Cake~

so this was a cake i did quite sometime back. which unfortunately the person who ordered never came to pick up..i duno if it was some form of misscommunication or some sort..or my emails didnt get through..though the last email we did cnfirm a pick up time. but anyhoos..all is forgiven.. :D cuz i got a shot at making this..and i thot it turned out pretty kewl. so i decided to post it up in here. so you have an idea of what to order for those who wants to surprise a loved one who so happens to be harley davidson fan. hehe.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Guitar Hero World Tour/ Rock Band Cupcakes

So a customer ordered a rockband/guitar hero themed cupcakes. Never done this before and thought it'll be a fun project. as I love playing it as well!! haha.. guilty yup! She wanted it 3D and i thot it would be rather cute to have mini guitars/ drumset/microphone on cupcakes. Wasn't fully sure how id make the drum set..but somehow i managed and it turned out great..even managed to put the symbols on em..and made mini drumsticks. Guitars were fun to do too..with the mini colored buttons and even manage to include the whammy bar! ooh how cute~ i was pretty excited halfway thru it and culdn't wait myself to see the outcome..made the logos..and also made one cupcake with the deco to look like the screen when your playing with the buttons and lines. so yea~ thanks again for ordering! i enjoyed making em. :D

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Princess Tiara Cake

This was a Cake i did few weeks back..for such a sweet young and very melating girl. hahaha. came with her mother over to my place just to place an she really wanted a cake from me. so i was very happy to help her get her dream birthday cake. She pointed out the design has to be very girly, pink and purple-ish...with a tiara..and maybe sm butterflies/hearts/flowers. basically as i quote her.." very girly2 fabulous pinkylicious cake"..hahah. Hence i came up with this. Tiara is made out of sugarpaste. hand moulded the jewel to be encrusted on the tiara..and hand piped the mini pearls on it for details..and brushed with some pearl lustre dust to bring it out. with some cut out butterflies and hearts and flowers surrounding the cake. last additional deco was a sprinkle of edible glitter & a furry ribbon to go around the base for added dramatic effect. Thanks again for ordering and glad the party was a success! :D

F1 Car Cake

Sory for the lack of updates guys..been very busy and stil haven;t figured out how to upload photos on here as i cant find a resize option and u can't upload big files on here. But thanks to my dearest cousin whom i had lunch with few days back..and is a fellow baker as well..your malt cupcakes are awesome ka!. anyhoos she suggested me to just make a slideshow on and worked..and its so easy and i dun need to resize my photos. less work! i like!! so look forward to photos guys..ive got a ton of photos to post about. :D