Important Customer Notice

To Make an Order please email your full details according to "how to make an order" sample below, and send it to Please email us in advance for decorated orders as it takes awhile to get to each email from various customers, and answer questions,discuss designs etc. plus i need advance notice to work out your order into my schedule and work around other orders as well. bear in mind i work alone so orders per day are limited.

we will try to respond to your email asap but do expect atleast 3-4days at times depending on how much emails we get at times. your emails will be responded back by my assistant momo. but i try to find time after im done doing orders to check on emails too.
As im usualy working doing decorations, baking etc, i sometimes miss calls, and i get so many txts coming in its hard to keep track of them which is why i recommend emailing me as its easier to organize and search and i have a record of your email orders.

or better yet if you find both emailing or Through phone hard, you can drop by my house to place an order (quite a number of customers have done this and its my most preferred method easier to discuss n confirm everything in one time) just set up an appointment with me.

as for basic cupcakes/cakes or other desserts i sell that requires no fancy decorating. (wordings are excluded as fancy) atleast a minimum of few hours or a day in advance notice is required, in this case msging or calling will be entertained.

Thanks for your support and understanding. i really whole heartedly appreciate it.





Kind Regards
Siti Shahrir

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas Cupcakes~

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Introducing 'Chlocits' updated menu and price list

open link above for details on updated and revamped menu and price list. Due to change of cupcake size for all my cupcakes n high prices of ingredients used i had to upgrade my prices a bit. but know that i use the finest ingredients for my cupcakes, i use pure vanilla beans in all my cupcakes not vanilla essence or vanilla extract (as extract contains a Lil percentage of alcohol),i use the freshest fruits if available and most importantly i don't skimp on a single ingredient in baking the cake, making the filling n mixing the frosting. except maybe sugar! :D

Friday, 2 December 2011

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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Black & white damask print jeweled hantaran Cake~

Mini Basic Assorted Cupcakes~

As you can see on the Citscakes menu on the sidebar of this blog, i sell mini assorted basic cupcakes. its $20 per box of 2 dozens. and it contains different assortment of flavors. a basic assortment would consist of flavors as shown in the picture below from left to right.. Maltesers, Kitkat, Peanut butter, chocolate, Red velvet and Cookies & cream. you cn hv other flavours as well (customize ur own flavor in a box of mini cupcakes) though some of the other flavors may cost more and add price to the set..and also depends on availibility. :D

Fashion/designer theme cake~

black & white Damask print with red flowers cake, packaged~

Small 2-tiered anniversary cake~

2-tiered girly birthday cake~

Hot wheels themed cupcakes~

Red & white heart theme wedding cake~

Zebra print Girly Birthday Cake~

Hannah Montana Cakes~

Garden theme Cake~

Football themed cakes~

This was pictures of two cakes i did quite some time back. forgot to post em up. it was during em Fifa world cup days...

Disney Princess Cake~

Angry birds cake~

Flower, damask girly birthday cake~

baby girls birthday cake~