Important Customer Notice

To Make an Order please email your full details according to "how to make an order" sample below, and send it to Please email us in advance for decorated orders as it takes awhile to get to each email from various customers, and answer questions,discuss designs etc. plus i need advance notice to work out your order into my schedule and work around other orders as well. bear in mind i work alone so orders per day are limited.

we will try to respond to your email asap but do expect atleast 3-4days at times depending on how much emails we get at times. your emails will be responded back by my assistant momo. but i try to find time after im done doing orders to check on emails too.
As im usualy working doing decorations, baking etc, i sometimes miss calls, and i get so many txts coming in its hard to keep track of them which is why i recommend emailing me as its easier to organize and search and i have a record of your email orders.

or better yet if you find both emailing or Through phone hard, you can drop by my house to place an order (quite a number of customers have done this and its my most preferred method easier to discuss n confirm everything in one time) just set up an appointment with me.

as for basic cupcakes/cakes or other desserts i sell that requires no fancy decorating. (wordings are excluded as fancy) atleast a minimum of few hours or a day in advance notice is required, in this case msging or calling will be entertained.

Thanks for your support and understanding. i really whole heartedly appreciate it.





Kind Regards
Siti Shahrir

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Raya Orders still open~

Biscuits/cookies (for order/pick up)

Cornflake cups - $6 per big container

Sarang Semut- $8 per container

Mini chocolate chip cookies - $10 per box

Mini chocolate cookies - $10 per box

Peanut Blossoms - $12 per box (previous sold boxes sold out, only smaller box available)

Raya orders ( serve during openhouse, book early and we can set up date and time for pick up)

Cupcakes assortment your choice of mix from kitkat, maltesers, cookies & cream, chocolate, peanut butter, red velvet, dulce de leche, butterscotch.

Mini- $20 per box of 2 dozen

Normal sized - $22 per box of a dozen.

Mini Churros - $25 per batch including two dipping sauce, dulce de leche and chocolate sauce. (enough to serve 15-20 ppl)

Sunday, 29 August 2010

one very very busy hectic day!

Photos from one of those busy days back in april/may 2010? somewhere around then. Had orders to make 4 big decorated cakes..and also 100 pcs of cupcakes to decorate and individually packaged altogether. hectic..but i got to do a cake I've always wanted to do. Star Wars themed birthday.. R2D2 robot anyone? hehe. sometimes thinking back i don't know how i managed to get them all done but as crazy as it was..still manageable. probably won't risk it again though. maybe~ lol. (photos are in order of process..hehe) Enjoy the photos!

Friday, 20 August 2010


I am no longer using the number can now contact me at 8810099. Thanks~

<3 cits

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Hi to all readers and Citscakes customers,

This post is to inform that Citscakes will be resuming back to business after my very much needed holiday. so yes I've been away the past two months. was back last week but with a cousins wedding going on i couldn't open for business just yet. and i need some time to settle down, sort out and organize everything. So to make things clear.. Citscakes will officially start taking orders starting 16th of August onwards. So sorry for any inconvenienced caused. I'll be switching my Citscakes line back on starting 11th august. so any messages prior to that was not received. and that goes to emails as well. i will start checking and replying emails tomorrow. so once again sorry for any inconvenience caused. and thank you very much for your patience. much love to you all!


Friday, 18 June 2010

Taking a Break~

To all customers/readers of citscakes,

Would like to inform that I am currently off for my very much needed break so I'm currently not in the country..and will only be back end of July. Therefore citscakes is closed for now and will not be taking orders for the remaining month of June and July. I will resume taking orders for august onwards. Thanks so much! :D

and once again I'd like to thank to those who came for my open day sale last week. Didn't expect that huge of an things were hectic..that I'm Sorry I didn't get to see n mingle with everyone.. Wish I could have.. Thanks anyway!!! Hopefully will get to do more open day sales when I come back. Fo now keep ur tastebuds salivating.. I'll be back home n open for business soon enough. ;) much love to everyone!

<3 Cits

Thursday, 10 June 2010

js a quickie

just a reminder~

Open Day Sale today starts at 4pm till 8pm or till stuff runs out. hehe.

thanks to everyone who came yesterday!!! today's another day. <3

js a quickie

just a reminder~

Open Day Sale today starts at 4pm till 8pm or till stuff runs out. hehe.

thanks to everyone who came yesterday!!! today's another day. <3

Mr. Men themed Cake~

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Open Day Sale to launch New Addition to Citscakes Menu!

it'll be a two day event. starting on friday 11th june and continues again the next day Saturday 12th june. (will confirm again times day before event)

its to launch a few additions to citscakes menu. and also its to give everyone this chance to purchase my goodies as citscakes will be closed for a month plus. as im off for my long break. hoping this will keep u salivating n craving till my return for more!. LOL.

expect lots of desserts from cupcakes, to churros, to waffles, crumble cake, chocolate pudding n many more. even homemade icecream and Fro-Yo!

so tell ur friends and do drop by~ :D

and yea just to remind again ill be on a break from 13th june till early August. so Only taking orders for dates after that. THANKS!

with love,

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Little Miss Birthday Cake~

'UP' House Birthday Cake~

This was on of my last minute work once again, considering the cake design. wished i had more time to actually plan out construction of d house and well have more fun with it. hehe..but it was all good in all d rush it was quite fun even though quite nerve wrecking to build up a mini house from scratch with no experience in sugar building work. since i didn't have time to actually make ahead, dry up cut out sugar gum paste..i constructed it using a mix of sugar-paste and crackers/biscuits as support. thinking how to portray the balloons coming out of the chimney is another thing. and then moving the whole house onto a cake. hmm~ VERY nerve wrecking i tell ya! but all in all it turned out pretty cute. don't you think?

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Ivory textured 5-tiered w/roses wedding cake

The finished wedding cake! my favourite so far. i seriously think i have some sort of "last minute" specialty skill. for some reason i think my last minute rushed projects turns out to have the best outcome. lol. Anyways hope all you readers find the cake as beautiful as i did. :D

wedding weekend hectic 2~

photos of the workload making a wedding cake in a few days. almost impossible, yet possible if u include sleepless nights and falling asleep while making sugarpaste roses. lol. but as tiring and very exhausting it all was..yet nothing beats the feeling of creating a bride's dream wedding cake especially for one who is also a good friend of mine. thanks to the lovely bride to trust me with creating a cake for her big day. and congrats to the now husband & wife, wishing them a lifetime of happiness. :D enjoy the photos!