Important Customer Notice

To Make an Order please email your full details according to "how to make an order" sample below, and send it to Please email us in advance for decorated orders as it takes awhile to get to each email from various customers, and answer questions,discuss designs etc. plus i need advance notice to work out your order into my schedule and work around other orders as well. bear in mind i work alone so orders per day are limited.

we will try to respond to your email asap but do expect atleast 3-4days at times depending on how much emails we get at times. your emails will be responded back by my assistant momo. but i try to find time after im done doing orders to check on emails too.
As im usualy working doing decorations, baking etc, i sometimes miss calls, and i get so many txts coming in its hard to keep track of them which is why i recommend emailing me as its easier to organize and search and i have a record of your email orders.

or better yet if you find both emailing or Through phone hard, you can drop by my house to place an order (quite a number of customers have done this and its my most preferred method easier to discuss n confirm everything in one time) just set up an appointment with me.

as for basic cupcakes/cakes or other desserts i sell that requires no fancy decorating. (wordings are excluded as fancy) atleast a minimum of few hours or a day in advance notice is required, in this case msging or calling will be entertained.

Thanks for your support and understanding. i really whole heartedly appreciate it.





Kind Regards
Siti Shahrir

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Strawberry Shortcake Bday Cake~

This was a bday cake i did a week back? same day as the pink bow n brooch wedding cake n butterfly sugar cookies. of those countless sleepless nights..looking back i duno how i js thankful i did~ haha. had fun doing this. enjoy the photos!

Gucci Bag Cake~

This was a last minute order i manage to fit in due to a postpon-ing of an order so i had a free time slot~ hehe..she originally wanted a bag on top of a the LV one i did before. But for the bag she wanted it would require the bag on top to be amde out of cake and not purely of the cut/design of the bag..which means two cakes and didnt wana go over her budget. so i did the bag itself in 3D. Thankfully i manage to get it done in time. Tho im nto that happy with i culd use more time to do it more detailed. but i js hope the bday girl loved it. hehe.

A dad's favourite things themed bday cupcakes~

Monday, 26 January 2009


Woohoo!~ as this wasn't our first experience with flood..we were much prepared..and very quick with cleaning up. we didn't wait the next day to clear out the dirty smelly water but did it as soon as the rain stopped last nyte. so today managed to clean up and sort things back to normal. so alhamdulillah i can proceed with orders. :D so yes no worries is back on track. tho i had a hectic day today. manage to get orders baked it before the flood. so rushed all d decorations as soon as i got my work station and equipment back downstairs. The whole flood incident threw me off track..and im behind schedule..but woo~ tonight i managed to bake for tomorow's orders. and now goin to start on the deco..another sleepless night for me. haha. but its all good! so yes. oh n yea will reply to emails ive got loads of work to can't go thru the email just yet. so in the meantime have a nice night evryone and lets pray weather gets better..and i pray for those who were affected badly by the flood. :D

Sunday, 25 January 2009


I'm stressed out and feeling down. My house was affected by the flood due to the heavy rain last night. It wasn't as bad as the flood about a year+ ago..but we were more prepared this time round. so managed to get furniture on top of tables and get anything electrical and important upstairs. I was in the middle of doing decorations..when water level got high outside..n in a rush thankfully i manage to save all my equipments and dump em all upstairs before the water came in. My stuff is all over the place upstairs..i dunno what is where~ :S and my kitchen is in a i can't bake! :(

Anyways..Due to that i have to cancel orders for tomorrow ...hopefully will; be able to go back to doing work by tomorrow, depending whether we manage to get everything sorted back by then. will update again. but definitely won't be able to accommodate tomorrow's orders unfortunately. so sorry for any inconvenience caused. n will update when i am able to start doing work. and lets just pray it won't rain that bad again. sigh~ thanks anyways!

<3 cits

Friday, 23 January 2009

Wedding Butterfly Sugar Cookies & Wedding Cake 2~

The other wedding cake i made last week. :D After discussion with the bride and final decision on design..she chose one from my books. Changed the colour theme to go with her dress which had pink bows..and i thought we'd put hints of gold shimmer on the flowers to go with her theme of white n gold as so with her butterfly sugar cookies iced in white with piping details and gold shimmer brushed on each one. and with the cake i took it up a notch and instead of using satin ribbon and a real brooch as in the book..made them all out of everything was edible. :D enjoy the photos.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Wedding cake 3~

Wedding cake i did just was for my niece Sabrina. Congrats to her & husband Norshah! :D and hope they enjoy the one each mini version of the wedding cake i made for them. As for the wedding cake, with the invitation as inspiration for it. I had a vision of how i wanted it too look like..and alhamdullillah everything went well..and i'm realy happy with how it turned out. Color was very sweet, added some white Frilly flowers.. with the piped design. Overall personally i thought it looked very pretty. hehe. and now its time for me to sleep. enjoy the newly updated photos evryone. :D

Need Sleep~

Such a very hectic weekend..Had two wedding cakes to do two days in a row..sunday and monday, plus all the other orders..its been one long week with only a few hrs of sleep for me~ so again sorry for the slow reply with really trying my best to get to each and everyone of you as soon as i can. :D but by the time im done with work its late night and im tyred and i gota get sm rest for more baking and decorating to do the next day..but i try to fit in smtime to go thru emails whenever possible.. even now ive only managed to answer some emails while updating some photos..but im super knackered with the only few hours of sleep ive had over the weekend.. i'm badly in need of some shut eye~ so will continue tomorrow..and for those who haven't got a reply..i just haven't gotten to ur email yet. but will do as soon as i can k. :D .. before i head to bed ill leave u with photos of the wedding cake i did just now in a seperate post after this. enjoy~ and thanks!

LV and Gucci themed cupcakes~

Brown & Purple Version~

A Brown & purple version of designer logo themed cupcakes~

2D Batman, superman & transformers themed cupcakes~

Customized Hantaran cupcakes~

Pick flavor, amount, and choose what designs/decorations u want..and wording and u have your custom made cupcakes~ this is another set asked by a customer for her hantaran. Two me to you bears, two motorcycle drawing, two 3d mini camera, two set each of their names on a heart cutout. and the rest just plain with small heart middle and sprinkles. thanks for the order~ glad u love em. :D

Black, white & silver theemd flower cupcakes~

I made these a few weeks backs..requested by a customer. Its the latest most time consuming..and tiring work on a cupcake i've done so far. Each flower is cut..and shaped..and glued on using icing..piped in middle and silver ball placed in between spaces/middles of flower. each cluster of flower took about half n hr to do. hehe.. but finished product looked great~ so was happy with it..even tho i ended up with a migraine. hehe. i would charge dis at $6-8 each depending on flavour. as the cupcake size is large..and color scheme can be changed according to ur liking, Though to be honest i'm not sure if ill take anymore orders with this design..quite time consuming..for small amounts..maybe~ hehe. enjoy the photos~